Thursday, March 2, 2017

Asparagus…A Tasty Mood Lifting Vegetable!

I have heard that  foods can actually be mood lifting, and that asparagus of all things, is one of the best.  Ok, I am slightly sensitive to this food at a moderate level, which means I can rotate it in if I don't find it to cause any problems. So I sat down and started taking some notes.

I tried two new ways to eat asparagus. One is in scrambled eggs, duck eggs for me. (I am highly allergic to chicken eggs) And the other way, is one I came up with on my own. I was roasting some brussels sprouts the other night and had some left over asparagus, so I just added them to the pan. WOW! They were so good I ate them all before I ate the brussels sprouts, they were like tasty little crunchy straws.

With my eggs and asparagus I decided to add a little ham and a touch of cheese. Ok…yes! I am cheating a little! But sometimes I just crave a flavor or am curious about a food…like now.

First I cut up 1 oz of  ham and a nice handful of asparagus tops. I sauteed them in a small amount of Smart Balance Light.

Then I added my scrambled duck egg mixture of 1 whole egg, 2 whites and a couple Tbls soy milk.

When eggs are done top with 1/2 serving of Weight Watchers Mexican Style Blend Reduced Fat Cheese.   If you are very careful about rotating foods you are sensitive to, sometimes you can get away with this once or twice a week. I don't suggest rotating allergic or sensitive foods until you have followed a strict diet of elimination for a full year first. And remember, some foods you will find can never be rotated. Believe me, you will know which ones when you try. For yeast free diets, no cheese.

Ok, back to this dish…because it's ready to devour!

This was so amazing I got up early to make it for my husband before he left for a meeting. He also loved it. The asparagus really blends nicely with the egg. I hope you give it a is sure to make you smile!

Weight watcher points with ham and cheese, this dish has 5 points. Ducks eggs are an extra point due to their larger size.

The other way I mentioned preparing asparagus was with my roasted brussels sprouts.
Here they are seasoned and cooking.

I usually just rinse the brussels sprouts and remove loose outer leaves, and dry them off on a towel. For the asparagus after rinsing and drying I broke them in half using the top half. The goats got the bottom half  : )

I roast my brussels sprouts on the pure convection setting at 400. If you do not have a convection oven set to 425.

Place fresh vegetables in a large bowl add toss with 1 Tbl olive oil. When they are well coated shake some sea salt over them or McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Steak and toss again.

Place vegetables on a large baking sheet prepared with Pam, even though there is oil on the vegetables I still coat the baking sheet with Pam.

Bake for about 20 min, maybe check after 15, for preferred doneness. Also turn them over and roll them around a bit for even browning. The more browning on the vegetables the better in my opinion. Depending on your taste, you might like the asparagus at this point.

 As I mentioned I like them really brown, so I continue to bake everything for 5 min or more.

These are so good you won't even need butter! But if you do Brummel & Brown is an excellent low fat alternative. I have found occasional use of this product, and Smart Balance does not bother me even though I am very allergic to all dairy.

Even if you do not like brussels sprouts, try them roasted. I actually find them very offensive prepared any other way. Roasting some how makes them less bitter.

Weight watcher points will only count the oil you add. I find 1Tbl of oil goes a long way. For each Tbl of Olive Oil you add 4 points plus, and by tossing the vegetables in a large dish you can get enough coating on the vegetables with that small amount. Divide that by 4 servings and you have 1 point for each.

Brummel & Brown has 1 point plus for each Tbl. so if you add a teaspoon on top of your serving vegetables and let it melt over all, you have just 1/3 of a point. I really like Brummel & Brown because of it's great flavor and it actually does melt!


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